Irish Film Institute -TARRAC


Director: Declan Recks

96 mins, Ireland, 2022, Digital, Subtitled

Aoife (Kelly Gough) returns home to help her father (Lorcan Cranitch) recover from a heart attack. Day to day they get along just fine but never talk about the loss of Aoife’s mother. Over the summer, Aoife gets pulled back into the competitive world of rowing in Naomhóg boats, establishing new friendships and reigniting old ones, but as the big race approaches, Aoife feels an unbearable strain as years of suppressed grief and sadness begin to catch up.

Filmed against the spectacular backdrop of the Kerry Gaeltacht and celebrating the value of sports, female friendship, and family ties, Tarrac is a worthy and uplifting addition to TG4’s Cine4 strand.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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Thursday 19th