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112 minutes, Spain, 2002, Subtitled, Colour, 35mm

In the coherent world-view presented in Almodóvar’s films, the line between patient and hostage is blurred, providing opportunities for some deeply transgressive plot material.

In The Skin I Live In, Banderas’ dissolute surgeon conducts illicit experiments on unwitting patients, and here, the role of the professional medic is subverted once more. Javier Cámara plays Benigno, an effeminate nurse obsessed with his coma patient Alicia, a former dancer who used to rehearse in the studio across the road from his apartment. When she is hit by a car, her parents entrust Benigno with her care – a job he carries out devotedly, believing that in talking to her he will eventually bring about her resuscitation. Exploring notions of healing and recovery in the darkest of terms, this tale of intrigue is nuanced and disturbing (Notes by Alice Butler.)

The IFI’s Focus on Pedro Almodóvar runs at the IFI from April 2nd to 24th. We are delighted to host a preview of Pedro Almodóvar’s new film I’m So Excited followed by a satellite Q&A with the director on April 23rd at 18.30. I’m So Excited opens at the IFI on May 3rd.

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