Director: Xavier Giannoli

112 minutes // France-Belgium // 2012 Official Competition, Venice 2012

Kad Merad (Welcome To The Sticks), in an idea coincidentally used by Woody Allen in the recent To Rome With Love, plays Martin, an entirely ordinary man who suddenly and inexplicably finds himself a household name, unable to step out in public without being chased by adoring fans and paparazzi alike. As he tries to escape his unwelcome fame, Martin finds a sympathetic ear in the ambitious Fleur (Cécile De France, The Kid with a Bike), a member of his newfound retinue. Director Xavier Giannoli’s (In The Beginning) bittersweet satire on the media, and a reality TV culture where individuals are famous for being famous, is an engaging watch.

Director’s Note: Director Xavier Giannoli delivers a fascinating film on the subject of celebrity and fame, swinging between the possible and the improbable.

Showing as part of the 2012 IFI French Film Festival

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