Irish Film Institute -SUMMER WARS



114 minutes| 2009

This film screened 21st March 2010.

For all ages
Summer Wars is the captivating and spectacular new animated feature from Mamoru Hosoda, director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Millions are addicted to the vast online world of Oz. Maths genius Kenji tears himself away from Oz to escort his crush Natsuki to her formidable Great Grandma’s 90th. The family gathering is not what Kenji expected and soon he finds himself acting as the brains of a kindred force out to defeat the Oz-invading, Earth-ending Love Machine virus.
Described as ‘Ghost in the Shell for the Facebook generation’ and critically acclaimed at film festivals across the world including Locarno, Sitges and Berlin, the latest work from Mamoru Hosoda (director of One Piece Movie 6) is not one to be missed!

Following the film there will be a discussion with Jonathan Clements.

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