Sticky Matters

Director: Szabolcs Hajdu

2001. English subtitles. Colour 100 mins.

The influence of Miklos Jansco is evident in this very stylish second feature by Szabolcs Hajdu. Indeed, Jansco even makes a cameo appearance as a veteran director in this tale of romantic entanglements and confusion. The setting is Debrecen,where Hajdu grew up,and the film makes excellent use of some striking locations. The story is simple, but the treatment is extremely fresh and original. The short-tempered Imi (Domokos Szabo) falls in love with Brigi (Orsolya Torok-Illyes). The young man ‘s emotions are so powerful that he is prepared to surrender his whole personality in exchange for Brigi’s love. Matters are complicated by Imi’s confused male friend,who is not sure whether their bond is merely platonic. Hajdu gives Sticky Matters something of the flavour of classic French New Wave movies (think of Godard’s Pierrot le fou or Truffaut’s Jules et Jim) in which matters of the heart are treated with humour and lyricism before the advent of tragedy.

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