Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted

Spike Intro: produced by Spike and Mike, directed by Melissa Vashe (1:30) Spike introduces you to his show.

No Neck Joe III: produced by Spike and Mike, animated by DNA Productions (5:30) A humorous look at a hapless cartoon character with no neck.

Beyond Grandpa: produced by Spike and Mike, animated by
Breehn John Burns (4:00) An absurd caricature of Grandpa

Ghost of Stephen Foster: by Raymond S. Persi and Matthew Nastuk (3:00 minutes) A 1930¹s Fleischer Bros. homage set to music by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Empty Roll: by Miles Thompson (4:00) A man attends a dinner party, but when he goes to relieve himself, he finds no toilet paper.

Bowlin’ Fer Souls: by SuperGenius (2:30) Satan, in his ultra-evil hot rod, The El Diablo, patrols the outskirts of Hell to search out and capture stray souls who are hopelessly trying to hitch a ride to purgatory. In the present case ,a team of ex-bowlers are about to taste their own medicine.

Ah L’Amour: by Don Hertzfeldt (1:30) A satiric look at love.

Swing Sluts: produced by Spike and Mike, animated by Brett Johnson (6:00) More adventures starring Summer and Tiffany as they decide to enter the swing scene.

Chicken Coup: by Johnny Turco (2:10) Spring is in the air as two eagerly expectant parents await the arrival of their little bundle of joy. However, it¹s not quite what they anticipate.
Tie-Dyed Dick: Dave Smith (7:30) Rick the Dick trips out in Haight-Ashbury.

The Spirit of Christmas: by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (5:30) A profanity-laden Kung-Fu fight between Jesus and Santa Claus.

The original uncensored SOUTH PARK short

Radioactive Crotch Man: by Nick Gibbons (2:30) Radioactive Crotch Man is a thrilling tale of action, adventure and radioactive nether regions. Evil doers beware for this is one crotch you don’t want to tangle with.

Home, Honey, I’m High II: What You Should Know about Drugs produced by Spike and Mike/ story – Matt Davis/ animator – Dan Dudley (5:00) A public service film about the dangers of drug use.

Mute and Motormouth: Birth of Abomination by Jeff Perlmutter (3:15) A crack whore gives birth to her spawn.

Lloyd’s Lunchbox: by Gregory Ecklund (3:00) Lloyd the inbred entertains himself by mutilating himself.

Sloaches Fun House: by Steve Margolis (3:00) The most vile piece of clay animation ever molded

Quiet, Please: by Mike Grimshaw and Rod Filbrandt (3:00) A man attempts to quiet a baby.

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