Irish Film Institute -Spike and Mike’s Festival of Classics

Spike and Mike’s Festival of Classics

Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose
by Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh of U.S.A. (4:00 minutes)
A short, fanciful puppet cartoon featuring a cast of 30 frolicsome monsters and utilizing puppetry, stop-motion and silhouette animation.

Underwear Stories
by Blair Thornley of U.S.A. (4:45 minutes)
A humorous and erotic series of titles and trailers for stories about underwear.

The Art of Survival
by Cassidy Curtis (2:45 minutes)
A chameleon with a short attention span flunks out of camouflage school and discovers the perils and perks of standing out.

Slim Pickings
by Anthony Lucas of Australia (4:30 minutes)
On a hungry planet, a close friendship is all-consuming.

by PDI, directed by David Gainey of U.S.A. (3:30 minutes)
A classic tale about slippery daydreams and a nightmarish tsunami.

Ghost of Stephen Foster
by Raymond S. Persi and Matthew Nastuk of U.S.A. (3:00 minutes)
A 1930’s Fleischer Bros. homage set to music by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

At the ends of the Earth
by Konstantin Bronzit of Russia (7:00 minutes) WINNER – 1999 Annecy Int’l Animation Festival OMike Gribble Prize for Funniest Film.
To the great displeasure of its inhabitants, a house, set on top of a hill, sways from left to right.

by Will Vinton Studios, directed by Kirby Atkins (5:20 minutes)
The Dog Pound, a comedy club, welcomes fledgling comedian Jerry Mutt to the stage.

One Day a Man Bought a House
by Pjotr Sapegin of Norway (7:00 minutes) WINNER – 1998 Oslo Animation Festival OGrand Prix’
One day a man bought a house in the city section of Kampen. But someone was already living there…

by Felix Gonnert of Germany (2:30)
In a kitchen, a fly discovers a children¹s book, in which an elephant stands on its trunk. The fly is intrigued, since it also has one…

Lily and Jim
by Don Hertzfeldt of U.S.A. (13:10) WINNER – Best of Festival Grand Prize 1998 USA Film Festival
An achingly pathetic blind date between two hopelessly naive, neurotic romantics goes from very bad to much worse.

Geri’s Game
from PIXAR Animation Studios of U.S.A. (5:30) WINNER – 1997 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
An Old man plays chess in the park, against himself. Somehow, he manages to win every time – even if it means cheating.Computer animation from the same company that produced TOY STORY.

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