Irish Film Institute -SOMETHING IN THE AIR



122 minutes, France, 2012, Subtitled, Colour, D-Cinema

The brilliant Olivier Assayas surveyed the ‘70s radical terrorist landscape in his epic Carlos and now he revisits his own back pages in 1971 Paris, reconciling raging hormones, post-‘68 ideological ferment and the nascent stirrings of creativity. It’s a fascinating fresco, with a generous ensemble feel, which never uses hindsight to mock its youthful idealists debating their solidarity with the proletariat. Instead there’s a kind of nostalgia for a culture where ideas were taken so seriously, even if they pointed towards worryingly violent resolutions, and presented doctrinaire restrictions on the development of a personal aesthetic.

Shot with the kind of insouciant grace most filmmakers can barely dream of, this is haunting, immersive and impassioned, its moments of visceral threat and casual sensuality intensified by a truly choice soundtrack, including Nick Drake, The Soft Machine, The Incredible String Band and Kevin Ayers. (Notes by Trevor Johnston.) 


Our French Film Club screening in partnership with Alliance Française will be Olivier Assayas’ Something in the Air on May 29th at 18.40. Film blogger and teacher James Dempsey will introduce the film. IFI and Alliance Française members can avail of a discounted ticket price of €7 for this screening (please request at Box Office).

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This film will feature as part of our FREE film club debate, The Critical Take, on May 29th (18.30).

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