So Cute

Director: Kim Su-hyeon

2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 115 min.

One of the strangest Korean films of the past year, director Kim Su-hyeon’s eccentric comedy has become something of a cult item. Jang Sun-woo, the director of Lies, plays Jang Su-ro, a former drunkard and shaman who lives in a crumbling flat with his two sons, biker nut 963 and truck driver Dog Nose. Offering to get dad a girl for companionship, Dog Nose picks up sassy street babe Sun-yi, who moves in and immediately starts running the dysfunctional household with an easygoing mixture of domesticity and sexual pragmatism. Meanwhile, Jang’s third son, a gangster named So-and-So, is told by his boss to clear a building for development that turns out to be the one occupied by his own family. Described by one critic as possessing a sense of humour that’s ‘pitched somewhere between Slavic character comedies and alternative Japanese cinema’, this anarchic romp thrives on its sense of the ridiculous and the idiotic.

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