59 minutes| Germany| 2010| Colour

The resurrection of the zombie movie is a veritable 21st century phenomenon. Around the time that Zach Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn Of The Dead and Edgar Wright’s Shaun Of The Dead opened within mere days of each, it became apparent that the undead revival was here to stay; in the years since, we’ve had everything from Max Brooks’ novel World War Z and the comic-book series The Waking Dead (soon to be a TV show) to major studio epics like Zombieland and the ongoing efforts of Dead Daddy Of ‘Em All, George A. Romero (six zombie movies, and counting) – there’s something about the living dead that strikes a chord in these curious times. This year’s Horrorthon features this German curio, a blackly comedic post-apocalyptic riff on Romero (aren’t they all?) that sees the human contingent keep teeming zombie hordes at bay in an apartment block. The action along moves at a brisk clip, the splatter hits the fan with teutonic aplomb, and what else can we say? Deadly!

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