Shorts (Programme Three)

Director: Assorted Directors

80 min.

Frightening creatures and unseen forces mingle in a vortex of dark humour, grotesque imagery and harrowing narratives in the third programme of shorts. Renegade director Chris Cunningham emerges from the shadows to present his new short Rubber Johnny, a troubling portrait of a mutant child exiled by his parents to a subterranean purgatory. In Little Pony, Stylewar’s Filip Engstrom creates a bizarre aerial duel between a cigarette-smoking ace and a squadron of enemy flyers in the skies above a typical American living room on Christmas Eve. In Lucky, Australian daredevil filmmaker Nash Edgarton pushes himself to the limit in his heart-stopping stunt film. This collection of visually astounding work harnesses thrills, monstrous forms and mysterious encounters to create edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

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