Short Film Selection

Sunday 28th September, 12.00

The Cemetery People
Director: Alessandro Molatore
Duration: 4′
Country: Ireland
This film explores the unimaginable world of The Cemetery People, where families live, eat and sleep among the graves.

Director: Brendan Casey
Duration: 9′ 40′
Country: Ireland
A day in the life of a student in Headfort School – a prestigious boarding school in Meath for
primary school children.

God & Napoleon
Director: Ciaran Deeney
Duration: 9′ 37”
Country: Ireland
This is a charming and endearing portrayal of bachelorhood in suburban Ireland, providing insight into the life of James Farrell, a deeply religious man and outsider in his own community.

Walking Dreams
Director: Evan Barry
Duration: 4′ 1”
Country: Ireland
In this stunning visual piece about the beauty and grace of motion, Walking Dreams is an intimate documentary about a woman who has lost the ability to walk and as a result has gained greater appreciation for movement.

The Puppeteer & The Inventor
Directors: Donal O’Mahony & Mischa Langemeijer
Duration: 8′ 4”
Country: Ireland
This documentary showcases the work of Dutch company ‘Electric Circus’, mapping the process of creating robotic puppets from conception through to completion.

Pigeon Men
Director: Marryanne Christodoulou
Duration: 7′ 53”
Country: Australia
A group of men obsessed with the sport of pigeon-flying takes us into their strange world.

A Day in Palestine
Directors: Mary Ellen Davis, Jose Garcia Lozano, Will Eizlini
Duration: 5′ 45”
Country: Canada
Scenes of everyday life in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Day I Saw You
Director: Aine Ni Fhaolain
Duration: 9′
Country: Ireland
An observational poetic documentary exploring human behaviour in an urban environment.

Illusion Dwellers
Director: Robb Ellender
Duration: 8′ 42”
Country: Ireland
Members of an often overlooked and frequently misunderstood community share their unique view of the world.

The Richness of Change
Director: Colin Murphy
Duration: 1′
Country: Ireland
The Richness of Change offers a snapshot of contemporary Ireland.

The Blight
Director: Rouzbeh Rashidi
Duration: 5′
Country: Ireland
An experimental observation of the life of an elderly Irish couple.

Director: Michael Fortune
Duration: 2′ 37”
Country: Ireland
Bingo documents the unusual social event of a ‘Drive-in Bingo’ which is held weekly in the village of Ballymitty in County Wexford.

Terminal Communication
Director: Michael Fortune
Duration: 2′ 53”
Country: Ireland
A film showing the actions of drivers as they approach a badly signed junction leading into Rosslare Harbour ferry port.

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