Short Documentary Competition

Short Documentary Competition

Hands of Time
The story of the construction of a Cinema/Ballroom/Theatre in Scariff, Co. Clare during the 1940s and its effects on the community. (Ireland 2005,15mins)
Director William Loughnane
Producer William Loughnane

Idir Dha Shaol
The story of Willie Walsh, documenting his forced emigration from Connemara at the age of sixteen, his early life in London, his descent into alcoholism, his subsequent homelessness and, eventually, his recovery. (Ireland 2005, 30mins)
Director John Mallon
Producer David D’Arcy

Seven Windows
Seven Windows is a documentary film for anyone who has ever walked down a street or an alleyway and has passed by a house or a block of flats, looked in and wondered; what is life like in there. (Ireland 2005, 35mins)
Director : Michael Cosgrove

On November 9th 1935, twenty migrant potato pickers returning from Scotland sailed from Burtonport to Arranmore Island off Donegal. The boat capsized in the open Atlantic. Nineteen drowned. Only one man survived. (Ireland 2005, 15mins)
Director Michael Carolan
Producer Michael Carolan

Insomnia touches many lives, insidiously creeping up on its victims when all is quiet and dark. For some, it engulfs their lives; the thought of another sleepless night fills them with dread. This is a documentary about three long-term insomniacs, who tell their stories as time ticks by on another sleepless night. (Ireland 2005, 10mins)
Director Laura Ellis
Producer Anne Heffernan

A Portrait of Alan Keane
A short film about Dublin based artist Alan Keane who is inspired by the colours and textures in the world around him. His personal philosophy of living life in the moment is the basis of his painting style, creating pieces that form organically, by a mixture of chance and design. (Ireland 2005, 6 minutes 40)
Director: Sean Hunt
Producer: Daniel Keane

The Call
Last year a group of student filmmakers spent a number of months with student priests studying at the National Seminary of Ireland, Maynooth. The result is an open and honest account of the impact and pressure a decision to join the priesthood can have on three young men and those close to them. The Call explores ideas of how we might now think of individuality and expectation in 21st Century Ireland- widely appropriate in the year of Pope John Paul 2nd Death. – (Ireland 2005 13mins)
Director Paul Gallagher
Producer Paul Gallagher

Shell to Sea
An agitprop film to support the Rossport Five, the north Mayo residents
jailed for contempt of court after they obstructed work on Shell’s gas
pipeline which threatened their safety and the safety of their homes.
(Ireland 2005, 5mins)
Director Margarete Darcy & Finn Arden
Producer Margarete Darcy & Finn Arden

Old Hands
For small-boat fishermen like Willie Bowling life is getting harder. This documentary looks at the difficulties facing these fishermen. (Ireland 2005,15mins)
Director Sorcha Hamilton
Producers Mary Rose Doorly, Vanessa Gildea

God Blows My Mind
A group of young American evangelical Christians take to the streets of Dublin to spread the word of God – with mixed results. (Ireland 2005, 25min)
Directors Liam Nolan, Ross Whitaker
Producer Liam Nolan, Ross Whitaker

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