Service Entrance

Director: Philippe Le Guay

104 minutes • France • 2011

In 1960s Paris, stockbroker Jean-Louis (Fabrice Luchini) and wife Suzanne (Festival guest Sandrine Kiberlain) live the life of the wealthy. When their long-suffering maid quits, Suzanne, on the advice of her fashion-conscious friends, hires a Spanish maid to take her place. Jean-Louis, intrigued by the young and beautiful María (Natalia Verbeke), discovers a new world in his own building as he becomes increasingly involved in the lives and problems of the Spanish women working as domestic help therein, improving their lot while causing friction at home. A light-hearted and amusing comedy of worlds colliding, Service Entrance is at its best when focussing on Jean-Louis’ transformation from staid banker to hot-blooded social activist. The strong cast includes many actresses familiar from the films of Almodóvar, including the great Carmen Maura.<

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