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Director: Alain Corneau

115 minutes, France, 1979, 35mm

Alain Corneau’s daring and fast-paced adaptation of the classic American novel Hell of a Woman by Jim Thompson, transposes the story to a sinister Parisian suburb, entrusting screenwriter Georges Perec with the dialogue. Franck Poupart (Patrick Dewaere) is a neurotic and slightly pathetic door-to-door salesman. He meets and falls for Mona (Marie Trintignant), a mute teenager, who’s been forced into prostitution. Franck wants to change his life and also save Mona.

One of the most brilliant actors of his generation, Patrick Dewaere, gives an incredible performance as an out-of-control character, hysterical, dangerous and sometimes delusional, unable to stop the ‘infernal machine’ he has initiated. (MPR)

Official Competition, Cannes Film Festival 1979

Showing as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2015 (November 18th – 29th)

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