Sauf le respect que je vous dois

Director: Fabienne Godet

France. 2005. 90mins

In Fabienne Godet’s hard-edged feature, workplace blues meet film noir, in a story of one man who, as the saying goes, could take it no more. François (Gourmet) is a white-collar worker keeping his head above water in a business run by an autocratic, blithely exploitative boss. When a young colleague is pushed over the edge, a furious François tries to protest – and ends up on the run, his only hope a journalist (Depardieu) doing her best to make the true facts known. A portrait of a middle-aged, middle class man thrown into a nocturnal world of flight and fear, Godet’s film has something in common with Cedric Kahn’s Red Lights, but without the black farce. A study of the stresses of corporate culture, as well as an extremely compelling realist thriller, it’s also an opportunity to see the most watchable man in French (and Belgian) cinema, the almost ubiquitous Olivier Gourmet, at the top of his game.

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