Santa Clause, The

Director: John Pasquin

(1994| 97 minutes| G)

Divorced toy company executive Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is pleased to have his son Charlie with him for Christmas. When Santa Claus accidentally topples off the roof of the house, Scott takes his place, but when the night ends and the reindeer take them to the North Pole, Scott discovers that by donning the fabled red suit he has inadvertently agreed to become the next Santa Claus. The next morning he wakes up in his own bed and thinks it’s all a dream—only Charlie remembers it with crystal clarity. Scott now has to deal with his suspicious ex-wife (Wendy Crewson) and her psychiatrist boyfriend (Judge Reinhold), who both think he’s playing tricks with Charlie’s mind, and also with his own out-of-control body, which is putting on weight and growing a prodigious beard. Aimed at kids, but written with parents in mind, The Santa Clause is an enjoyable family film with real charm, brimming with the sentiments of the season.

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