Santa Clause 2, The

Director: Michael Lembeck

(2002| 105 minutes| G)

‘There ain’t no sanity clause!’ — Chico Marx. True, but there is a Santa Clause No. 2, which requires that Santa get married, or else. This information is revealed at the North Pole at the worst possible time, during the pre-Christmas manufacturing rush. The current occupant of the Santa suit, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), is happy supervising his elves and perfecting his chimney-craft, when he’s informed of a loophole in his contract: if he doesn’t produce a Mrs. Claus in 28 days, he’ll stop being Santa and the office may even disappear entirely! In a panic, Scott/Santa flies back home, to counsel his son (who is involved in a high school graffiti prank) and perhaps find a wife, while the North Pole is put under the command of a cloned Santa who soon uses toy soldiers to stage a military coup and establish a dictatorship. This movie has charm and silliness, a nice acerbic undertone, and even a hint of Christmas romance.

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