Irish Film Institute -Samia


A powerful depiction of the conflicts that emerge when cultures collide, Philippe Faucon’s Samia tells of a young female immigrant who is unable to find peace and contentment in her life, at home or in public. Samia (Lynda Benahouda) is a pretty Algerian teenager whose family has settled in the French city of Marseilles. Her ailing father, strict mother and overbearing brother struggle to uphold the rigid codes of their former culture and Muslim religion. Stuck in the middle of all this confusion and turmoil is Samia, who embraces the French way of life despite confronting racism whenever she steps onto a bus. Faucon’s film provides a welcome glimpse into a rarely seen world and features a ferocious performance by newcomer Benahouda.
2001. English subtitles. Colour. 73 mins.

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