Saints, Superheroes & Sinners

Whether we are looking at paintings in a gallery, watching a film in the cinema or posting a selfie online, we interpret visual content in its various forms with our visual literacy skills. In collaboration with the National Gallery, we have two different opportunities to explore visual literacy at Junior and Senior Cycle.

A day-long event for First Year students in conjunction with the forthcoming exhibition, Passion and Persuasion: Images of Baroque Saints, at the National Gallery 

Part 1:

Screening at IFI: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This goofy gamer comedy offers an alternative to conventional cinematic superheroes. In a short follow-up workshop, students will consider other examples of the superhero genre, and how it has evolved to include female superheroes, sympathetic
villains and more.

Part 2:

At the National Gallery, pupils will explore the exhibition Passion and Persuasion: Images of Baroque Saints and uncover the history behind the heroes, heroines and villains in the masterpieces in all its gruesome glory. 

Places are limited for this event. Interested teachers please contact IFI Education on 01 679 5744 or schools@irishfilm.ie

Screening as part of the 2015 Spring/Summer IFI Schools Programme.

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