Director: JOHNNIE TO

93 minutes| Hong Kong| 1999| Subtitled| Colour| 35mm

We’re delighted to present this much-loved crime classic from the incomparable Johnnie To, a true master and arguably the greatest action movie director in the world today. A major box-office hit, Running Out of Time is a textbook example of superior Hong Kong genre filmmaking at its finest, featuring splendid turns from A-list actors Andy Lau and Ching Wan Lau as (respectively) a master thief with mere days to live and the driven super-cop on his trail. Ignore the ludicrous plotting and revel instead in the unspoken joys of Mister Johnnie To at work: this cat-and-mouse caper flick is by turns tautly hilarious and achingly romantic, while remaining unpredictable to a fault. To is often compared with masters like Howard Hawks and Raoul Walsh; as with all great cinematic journeymen, he rarely draws attention to technique, preferring to allow his audience to lose themselves in a well-spun yarn. Don’t miss.

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