Director: ALAN J. PAKULA

116 minutes| U.S.A.| 1981| Colour| 35mm

This seriously underrated movie sees Alan Pakula now locating the corridors of paranoia in the world of high finance, where money not only talks but shouts. Jane Fonda plays the widow of a company director murdered in mysterious circumstances; Kris Kristofferson is the financial trouble-shooter hired to steady the ailing firm. Recovery leads to romance, but a Saudi Arabian deal goes disastrously wrong, plunging the Western economy into freefall. Pakula observes this community with a jaundiced eye, evoking a world that seems verbally and visually alien and spatially and morally claustrophobic. Look out for an extraordinary cameo of galloping panic by Macon McCalman as an informant, a portrait in miniature of the nervous breakdown about to afflict the global financial market. Dismissed at the time as incomprehensible and pessimistic, Rollover now (and particularly in the light of recent events) looks uncannily prescient. (Notes by Neil Sinyard).

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