Rolling Family

Director: Pablo Trapero

Argentina-Spain-France-Germany-Brazil| 2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 103 min.

Director Pablo Trapero became a leading figure of the ‘New Argentine Cinema’ with his first two features, Mundo grua and El bonaerense. With Familia rodante, Trapero has made a much more personal and lighter film, but without any loss of style or substance. Based on anecdotes from his family and circle of friends, the film is both a droll road movie and a colourful family drama. A large family group sets off on a long journey by camper to a wedding. Between starting point in Buenos Aires and destination Misiones, all the fury, sorrow and warmth in four generations come to the surface. There are moments of comedy, romance and real anguish, and Trapero punctuates it with stunning images of the changing landscape and cultural details of communities along the road.

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