Rituals in Transfigured Time

My films might be called poetic referring to the attitude towards these meanings. If philosophy is concerned with understanding the meaning of reality, then poetry- and art in general- is a celebration, a singing of values and meanings. I refer also to the structure of the films – a logic of ideas and qualities, rather than of causes and events.
My films might be called choreographic, referring to the design and stylisation of movement which confers ritual dimension upon functional motion – just as simple speech is made into song when affirmationof intensification on a higher level is intended. My films might be called experimental, referring to the use of the medium itself. In these films the camera is not an observant, recording eye in the customary fashion. The full dynamics and expressive potentials of the total medium are ardently dedicated to creating the most accurate metaphor for the meaning. MAYA DEREN ( from a statement of principles).

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