Richard Dyer Talk

‘Tales of Plagiarism & Pastiche: The Godfather and The Leopard’

A Lecture with Professor Richard Dyer of Kings College, London
Professor Richard Dyer is a world-renowned writer and speaker, with a particular interest in popular culture. He is the author of Stars (first published 1979; second edition 1998) published by the British Film Institute. Stars was the first, and remains the seminal, textbook on the study of film stars. This was followed by Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society (1987; reprinted 2003) and Now You See It: Historical Studies in Lesbian and Gay Film (1990; revised and expanded 2003). In 1993, the British Film Institute commissioned him to write the monograph on Brief Encounter for the BFI Classics series and in 1999, he wrote the monograph on Se7en for their Modern Classics series. In 1997, Dyer published White, in which he took examples from film, literature and visual arts to argue that whiteness ought not to be regarded as an unchallenged norm but as an ideologically constructed identity. He developed his writings on gay culture in The Culture of Queers (2001). His most recent publication is entitled Pastiche.

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