Irish Film Institute -REVEREND DEATH


Director: JON RONSON


JON RONSON WILL BE PRESENT TO INTRODUCE THE WORLD PREMIERE OF THIS NEW CHANNEL 4 DOCUMENTARY AND ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS. AFTER THE SCREENING, JON WILL ALSO BE SIGNING COPIES OF HIS BOOKS ‘THEM: ADVENTURES WITH EXTREMISTS’, ‘THE MEN WHO STARED AT GOATS’, ‘OUT OF THE ORDINARY: TWO TALES OF EVERYDAY CRAZINESS’ AND ‘WHAT I DO: MORE TRUE TALES OF EVERYDAY CRAZINESS.’Six years ago the award-winning journalist Jon Ronson began filming a most extraordinary documentary about the Reverend George Exoo—a seemingly jolly but not very successful Unitarian minister from Beckley, West Virginia, who has drifted into helping non-terminally ill people to commit suicide. Reverend Exoo claims that so far he has helped more than 100 people to die, and Ronson sets about getting to know the man, how he is viewed by mainstream euthanasia groups and if these groups refer people to him. George extols the values of suicide and constantly explains how he can’t wait for his own death because it will be a ‘great adventure’. Exoo is facing extradition proceedings for his part in a suicide in Ireland (which still stands to this day), and his ‘saintly’ work seems to make everyone feel distinctly uneasy. Things turn even more bizarre as we meet Exoo’s new assistant, Susan, who claims she’ll help anyone kill themselves if the price is right. ‘For George it’s a calling,’ she says. ‘For me it’s a business.’ If your calling from God is to help people to their death, does that make you saint or sinner?

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