Retour en Normandie

Director: Nicolas Philibert

France| 2007| 116 mins

In 1975, as a young man, Philibert worked as an assistant director on Moi, Pierre Riviere, ayant egorge ma mere, ma soeur et mon frere . . . , a film by Rene Allio. Based on a true event that occurred in Normandy in 1835, the film told the tale of a 20-year-old peasant who slit the throats of several members of his family with a billhook. Most of the roles were played by farmers in the region. Thirty years later, Nicolas Philibert decided to find these people again, to remember the adventure they shared so many years before, but also to film them in their present lives. Using his trademark style, Philibert unobtrusively uses the premise of revisiting the making of Moi, Pierre Riviere . . . into an of exploration of collective memory, rural community life and, of course, cinema. With great patience and care, he allows his subjects to reveal their intimate thoughts themselves and generously allows us a rare glimpse into his own history. Beautifully photographed and surprisingly moving, this film is one of the highlights of the festival.

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