Irish Film Institute -Resurrecting The Streetwalker

Resurrecting The Streetwalker

This British mockumentary, already a film festival fave, is a cut above the usual; it’s a veritae portrait of a young wannabe filmmaker (James Powell) desperate to get a break. Having convinced a friend to document his struggles in the movie industry, he ends up with an intern gig at a small London production company. Sorting through their archives, he happens upon an unfinished ’80s slasher flick entitled The Streetwalker, and promptly seizes upon it as his meal ticket to the big time; before long, he becomes rather obsessed with completing the project. Cue a swift decent into madness, as our would-be auteur pushes himself far beyond the limits of what we would politely deem reasonable behaviour. Inventive to a fault and sporting a welcome line in self-deprecating humour (not to mention industry in-jokes aplenty) this is a model for smart and inventive no-budget genre fare.

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