Director: Roger Gual

Spain-Argentina| 2006. Subtitled. Colour. Dolby Digital Stereo. 94 min

Director Roger Gual’s follow-up to Smoking Room is a European Big Chill centred on a reunion of ex-hippies, now mostly solidly bourgeois, whose laissez-faire parenting skills come back to nip them. Back when dropping out and tuning in seemed like the thing to do, a group of friends started a commune in a rambling farmhouse in the hills of Catalunya. Now, more than 30 years later, Max (Mario Paolucci) is the only one left, a dysfunctional relic cut off from the modern world who calls for a reunion before selling the rundown place. While Max never adjusted to life post-1968, the four adults who join him for a last farewell are all successful city types. As the weekend unfolds, they’re confronted not only by failed ideals and pink-tinged memories on Super-8 film, but by their underachieving children, who blame them for a non-traditional upbringing. The tension between the younger generation’s paralysis and their parents’ earlier experimentation differentiates Remake from most other inward-looking dramas of failed ’60s idealism. —Jay Weissberg/Variety.

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