2010| US| Colour| 103 minutes

Here at Horrorthon, we don’t do spoilers, which is precisely why we want you to know as little as possible about Simon Rumley’s self-described ‘Texas slacker revenge movie’ – the fun lies in the unpredictable (and seriously grisly) twists and turns. In Austin Texas, the lives of three young people – Erica (Amanda Fuller), Franki (Marc Senter) and Nate (Noah Taylor) – intertwine in a fateful, tragic way and head down a rocky and violent road to oblivion. We do love a good Texan splatter flick, and Red, White & Blue is by turns heart-breaking and nerve-shredding, an uncompromising and audacious rollercoaster ride featuring a career-best performance from venerable Aussie thespian Noah Taylor (Flirting, Max, Tim Burton’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory). British filmmaker Rumley has come a long way since early DIY efforts like Strong Language and Club Le Monde: here, he announces his arrival as a filmmaker to be reckoned with. Our own personal favourite from this year’s admittedly outstanding Horrorthon line-up, and a brutal late-night ass-kicker par excellence – do not miss under any circumstances.

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