Radharc Retrospective

The Radharc team produced over 400 religious documentaries for RTE between 1961 and 1996, winning awards and an international reputation for the innovative but sincere manner in which they approached difficult issues. This programme of titles from the series reflects the interest the team took in both national and international issues. The controversial Open Port (1968) looks at prostitution along the Leeside quays. Hidden cameras documented girls as young as 14 going on board ship, sparking a debate that ran in the national papers for months. Who is for Liberation? features one of the last interviews given by Archbishop Romero of San Salvador before his assassination in 1980. This thought-provoking film deals with the social, politicl and religious background to the violence in El Salvador. Made in 1964, Young Offenders was the first film to be made inside an Irish prison (St. Patrick’s institution for young offenders). It features interviews with both prison inmates and staff, with closing comments from the then Minister for Justice, Charles J. Haughey. Finally, Escape to Nowhere (1979) addresses the plight of the 140,000 Laotian, Hmong and Cambodian refugees in Thailand as they search for a country in which to resettle.

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