Queer Parents

Director: Laurence Katrian

France 2001| Beta SP PAL| 90 mins| French/English s/t

Sulky teenager Olympe has two gay parents, and lives with her closeted mother Martine and Martine’s sensible girlfriend Do in the French countryside, while her dad now lives with his boyfriend Christophe in Paris. When Olympe and her boyfriend Leo start to get serious about each other, Geraldine, her school mate and rival for Leo’s affections, publicly outs Martine. Olympe is stunned, but Martine does not deal well with her daughter’s questions, and Olympe’s dad is not really much help either. The isolated and increasingly desperate Olympe makes life hell for her mother and Do, but her pain and confusion are dangerously damaging to her sense of herself…
Made for TV, Queer Parents pulls no punches in confronting the problems that the children of gay parents can face in a small community, especially when they are at the age when they’re confused about their own sexuality. Nor does it fight shy of the helplessness parents feel when they can’t protect their child, the invidious position of step-parents – or the nightmare of living with a disaffected teenager.

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