Puerto Escondido

Director: Gabriele Salvatores

Mario, a young middle-aged man with a silly beard who works in a gloomily hi-tech Milan bank, has the misfortune to witness a murder committed by corrupt but impressively moustached cop Viola. Viola tires to wipe out the witness by gun-shooting him in the toilet, but Mario survives only to face an even worse fate when the dogged villain makes hom an accomplice to another murder and decides he wants to move in with him. Fed up with this, Mario shaves off his beard and heads to Puerto Escondido, Mexico because hi like the sound of the name.
After twenty minute sof weirdly menacing thriller, this segues sharply into a loopily engaging comedy of moral degeneration as the uptight Marion learn to take things easly by breaking the law. When his funds run out, Mario falls in with Alex, a bald Italian ex-pat who amiably involves him with cock-fighting, drug-dealing and robbery. Following his Oscar-winning Mediterraneo, Gabriele Salvatores has turned out an episode, rambling, mainly delightful film.

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