Irish Film Institute -PRE-CODE: JEWEL ROBBERY


Director: William Dieterle

68 mins, USA, 1932, Digital, Black & White

One of the rare Pre-Code films set in Europe, Jewel Robbery is the story of a Viennese lady Baroness Teri (the mischievous Kay Francis) caught in the midst of a diabolical jewel heist by a gentleman thief, played by the ever-charming William Powell. Teri, terminally bored by her older, wealthy husband, gets a rapturous glint in her eye at the thought of a scandal, never mind the dangerous flirtation with The Robber that ensues. Featuring a cheeky direct address to camera and a joyfully sinful conclusion, and at a bite-sized seventy minutes, this heist caper is the kind of sultry amuse-bouche that leaves you wanting more in the best way.

Notes by Christina Newland

Screening as part of our Pre-Code Hollywood: Rules Are Made To Be Broken season, August 1st to 8th.

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