Irish Film Institute -Please, Please Me!

Please, Please Me!

Director: Emmanuel Mouret

France • 2009 • 90 minutes

Once again taking on the roles of writer, director and actor, the latest romantic comedy from Emmanuel Mouret Shall We Kiss? FFF ’08) sees him playing Jean-Jacques, a slightly eccentric inventor. After his girlfriend Ariane (Frederique Bel) discovers he’s had a momentary liaison with another woman (Judith Godreche) she, convinced he is obsessed, insists he must sleep with her so they can move on and get their relationship back on track. When the woman in question turns out to be the daughter of the French president and Jean-Jacques finds himself out of his depth at a high-society gathering, hilarity ensues.

With a constant supply of visual gags and slapstick shenanigans aplenty, Please, Please Me! finds Mouret on sparkling form. The talented supporting cast acquit themselves beautifully with Deborah François (L’Enfant) especially effective as Godreche’s maid.

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