Irish Film Institute -PINA (3D)



104 minutes| Germany-France| 2011| Subtitled| Colour| 3D| D-Cinema

If there’s one subject that’s a natural for 3D film, it is dance, as Wim Wenders proves with this captivating tribute to brilliant German choreographer Pina Bausch. Registering genuine depth in the frame brings movement alive, and in Bausch’s case, what movement it is! Observational and confrontational, these aren’t abstract writhings but immediate and surprisingly emotive statements on men and women, trust and fear, freedom and society. Highlights from her famous ensemble pieces are intercut with vibrant solo routines – often unfolding in and around the amazing monorail system in the company’s home base of Wuppertal – plus reflections from the dancers too, who intimate that Bausch brought them out of themselves in a way mere words never could. Her sudden death in 2009, midway through the project, could have been a disaster, but instead it focuses the film as both celebration and tribute. It’s utterly dazzling, requires no special knowledge of modern dance, and is hands-down Wenders’ best since Wings of Desire. (Notes by Trevor Johnston).

Preview of Pina on April 21st with special guests. Please note there will be a €1 supplement charge on all 3D screening ticket prices.

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