Irish Film Institute -PETIT NICOLAS


Director: Laurent Tirard

91 minutes, 2009, Comedy/Family, Recommended Age: 7+

Based on the original comic book series by Asterix’ creator René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé, this adaptation brings the much-loved, mischievous young Nicolas and his antics to the big screen for the first time.

Told from his point-of-view (a quite unusual perspective on publication in the 1950s), the story concerns Nicolas’ over active imagination and his reaction to the supposed news that his mother is pregnant. Fearing that his place as central in the loving family is in jeopardy, Nicolas ropes in his gang of good friends to prepare for the new arrival and the quick dispatching of him/her.

Slower in pace perhaps than more mainstream fare, and more reminiscent of the Bash Street Kids than the like of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, yet there are laughs a-plenty to be had at the antics of the boys and their view of adult behaviour. 

This film is also the IFI Family screening on August 26th (11.00).

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