92 minutes| Germany-U.K.-Sweden-Denmark| 2011| Colour| D-Cinema

While Hollywood lavishes CGI spectacle on sundry doomsday scenarios, this enterprising but modest production takes an altogether simpler route to imagining the worst – and bringing out the best in people in the process. Ewan McGregor’s a chef whose kitchen is just opposite the flat owned by medical researcher Eva Green, a busy girl battling to find a cure for a mystery global virus which deprives victims of their sensory perceptions. He’s a commitment-phobic womaniser, she’s prickly and reserved, but love strikes just as everything which makes them human could be taken away from them. Director David Mackenzie (Young Adam) manages quite a conjuring trick here, creating a film which is fanciful yet believable, chastening yet ecstatically romantic. The attractive leads keep it grounded and tactile, but it’s the what-ifs which are a tantalising talking point . . . after all, how would the restaurant trade adapt if touch, not taste became the point of dining out? (Notes by Trevor Johnston).<

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