94 minutes| Ireland-Finland| 2011| Colour| D-Cinema

Often identified as the indomitable father-figure in The Barrytown Trilogy, Colm Meaney is here the much less resilient Fred Daly who, having returned to Dublin after years abroad is, for reasons that go largely unexplained, living in his permanently parked car over-looking Dublin Bay. This welcome ambiguity and restraint is also apparent elsewhere – as in Milka Ahlroth’s portrayal of Finnish piano teacher Jules, a widow who Fred meets on a jaunt to the swimming pool with fellow car-park dweller Colin Morgan, a convivial but troubled 21 year old with an escalating drug problem. Dealing with highly charged issues – homelessness, grief and heroin addiction – Parked offers a refreshing focus on character rather than type, developing the relationships between its protagonists with compassion and humour. Elegantly shot in widescreen during the coldest January in Ireland in 25 years, Dublin’s coast and docklands look positively icy in this Ripple World production. This is an atmospheric and relevant feature debut from director Darragh Byrne. (Notes by Alice Butler).<

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