Irish Film Institute -PAN’S LABYRINTH



119 minutes, Spain-Mexico, 2006, Subtitled, Colour, 35mm

Director and Producer Luke McManus will introduce the screening

One of those rare examples of films celebrated by critics and audiences alike, Pan’s Labyrinth quickly established a devoted following when it opened at the IFI in 2006.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro – who worked as a special effects and make-up designer for 10 years before turning his hand to direction – this visually distinctive coming-of-age parable portrays the three-part quest undertaken by 10-year-old Ofelia amidst post-Spanish Civil War conflict and unrest. Balancing the imaginative with the historical in perfect measure, Pan’s Labyrinth offers a story with real humanity at its core. (Notes by Alice Butler.)

This film is screening as part of 20/20: Landmark Films at the IFI which is part of IFI20: Celebrating 20 Years in Temple Bar.

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