Irish Film Institute -IFI Documentary Festival: OVERDOSED

IFI Documentary Festival: OVERDOSED

Director: Mary Sue Connolly

75 mins, US, 2021, Digital

From Monday September 6th, in line with government guidelines, all patrons must show proof of vaccination upon entering the cinema screen.

Overdosed highlights the deadly American opioid crisis as it unfolds in the small town of Petersburg in rural West Virginia, the state hardest hit by this epidemic. Through interviews with former drug dealers, over-prescribing doctors, DEA agents and local community members, the film uncovers a shocking narrative of the pharmaceutical industry’s deliberate plan to target opioid sales to an impoverished, under-served community and the resulting addiction, prison and overdose cycles of its citizens.

Irish-born, investigative filmmaker Mary Sue Connolly reveals the core humanity of the epidemic’s survivors, one of whom, Bre McUlty who at age 19 was the town’s leading heroin supplier, is now drug-free, and shares her story in an effort to educate others.

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