Director: Bruno Dumont

110 minutes • France • 2011

One of contemporary French cinema’s most consistently thought-provoking filmmakers, Bruno Dumont’s latest film, premiered during Un Certain Regard at Cannes, is another of his meditations on spirituality and religion. An anonymous nomad (David Dewaele) wanders through the countryside of Northern France, often accompanied by a teenage girl (Alexandra Lematre). The two proceed in near silence, broken most frequently by their bouts of prayer. Into this tranquil scene intrudes a series of violent deaths and supernatural events, both seemingly tied to the nomad. As Biblical allusions mount, Dumont maintains ambiguity as to what is his true nature and identity. Told in the director’s customary austere style, Outside Satan defies easy categorisation or interpretation, but its imagery and the troubling questions it raises linger in the mind long after the film’s end. Contains scenes of a graphic nature.<

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