Outlaw and His Wife, The

One of Sjostrom’s most celebrated films, The Outlaw and His Wife is set in nineteenth-century Iceland and follows the fortunes of an outlaw (played by Sjostrom himself) who arrives at a farm and falls in love with the rich female owner. The couple lead a happy life until the outlaw’s past catches up with them and they flee to the mountains. A tempestuous melodrama in which the outlawed couple live out their frenzied passion unto death among the mountain glaciers, the film lavishes much attention on the majestic, inimical landscapes. It’s a monumental portrait of the individual’s struggle again a hostile society and a relentless foe Nature. We will be showing a restored version of The Outlaw and His Wife which has colour tints and a music score by Torbjorn Iwan Lundquist, one of Sweden’s most successful symphony composers.
Sweden, 1917.
Restored version, 1987.
Colour tinted.
73 mins.
Plus Victor Sjostrom A Film Portrait,
a documentary study of the director’s life and work, produced by the Swedish Film Institute.
Sweden, 1981.
English titles.
65 mins.

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