Outing Riley

Director: Pete Jones

USA 2004| 86 mins

Bobby Riley is gay – but no one really knows it. Actually, his lawyer sister Maggie knows he is gay. And so do his live-in boyfriend, and the lesbian friend he has been ‘dating’ for the last five years.
To Bobby’s brothers, on-line porn obsessed Connor and no-nonsense cleric, Fr Jack, Bobby is just another good ole Irish Catholic lad from Chicago. When he finally decides to come out of the closet, Bobby delivers the shocking news to his brothers with Maggie’s help. While he confronts their reaction with hope, resignation, and a healthy dose of humour, he also realises that for the first time, he really can be who he is. ‘Painlessly intelligent, nicely paced with lots of crowdpleasing zingers, most of which also convey a laudable point, Outing Riley has its serious moments but is never too heavy or sappy.’ Lisa Nesselson, Variety

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