Irish Film Institute -OUT 1: NOLI ME TANGERE



1971, France, Subtitled, Digital, Dec 12th: 414 minutes + intermissions; Dec 13th: 361 minutes + intermissions.

This film screened on Saturday 12th  & Sunday 13th December 2015.

Virtually impossible to see over the last four decades, this screening of Jacques Rivette’s magnum opus in its full-length version, the first ever in Ireland, is a remarkable opportunity to finally experience one of the Nouvelle Vague’s most expansive creations.

Broken down into eight episodes, the film revolves around two theatre groups, each rehearsing a different play by Aeschylus, a con artist (Juliet Berto), a deaf-mute busker (Jean-Pierre Léaud), and the possible existence of a secret society, the Thirteen, influenced by the work of Balzac (as is the film itself). Unique and monumental, Out 1 is not to be missed.

Please note: This screening will take place over two days and will have regular intermissions (15 mins after episode 1, 30 mins after episode 2 (at approx. 4.30pm) and 15 mins after episode 3).

A special offer of free soup with any sandwich bought is available and customers can pre-order this, and any drinks, at the IFI Café Bar.

€20 (no concessions, free list suspended). Tickets for individual days or episodes will not be available.

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