Irish Film Institute -ORLANDO


Director: Sally Porter

94 mins, UK-Italy-France, 1992, 4K Digital, F-Rated

Tilda Swinton gives a captivating performance in Sally Potter’s imaginative, prescient, and highly cinematic adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel, whose titular character lives for centuries, undergoing a magical gender transformation midway. We begin in the Elizabethan era, where young nobleman Orlando catches the eye of the queen (Quentin Crisp), who, enchanted by his beauty, commands him to remain forever young. Taking the decree to heart, Orlando stops aging. As the centuries pass, Orlando experiences life through several pivotal moments. In the 18th century, he becomes ambassador to Constantinople, and, after a deep sleep, awakens to discover that he has become a woman. In the 19th century, Lady Orlando navigates the complexities of her new identity in a society that views men and women very differently.

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