Director: JIM LOACH

104 minutes| Australia-U.K.| 2010| Colour| D-Cinema

Jim Loach (son of Ken) tackles the subject of child migration and a scheme operated in the not-too distant past where disadvantaged British children were shipped off to Commonwealth countries with the promise of a new life but were far too often greeted by hardship. This is the true story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson), an English social worker whose investigation into the fate of these children uncovered one of the most shocking secrets of British social history. She hears from survivors like Jack (Hugo Weaving) and Len (David Wenham) that they were removed as children from care-homes or ‘unfit’ mothers and deported to Australia, where they were forced into hard labour at a very young age. With a passion worthy of the Loach name, Oranges and Sunshine never descends into sentimentality but follows Humphreys’ unwavering commitment to exposing an abhorrent policy and reuniting families separated for decades. It’s a very moving film, with outstanding performances from Watson and her co-stars. (Notes by Alice Black).

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