80 minutes, Ireland, 2014, Colour, D-Cinema

This film closes on Thursday, November 20th. 

Never has journeying into the world of Ireland’s dead been as enlightening an experience as it is in One Million Dubliners, a fascinating exploration of Glasnevin Cemetery that was joint winner of the Best Irish Feature Documentary award at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh.

Cultural icons, political heroes, and ordinary Dubliners all find their resting place at Glasnevin and from the economics of arranging plots to the French woman who lays flowers at Michael Collins’ grave, the film unravels the richly detailed tapestry of these stories. Leading the way is Glasnevin’s tour guide and resident historian Shane Mac Thomais, whose wisdom and charm breathes life into the stories buried under Glasnevin’s varied headstones and monuments.

Concerned with mortality but never morbid, One Millions Dubliners is a warm celebration of everyday life and a memorable contribution to Ireland’s ongoing conversation with its dead. (Notes by Conor Dowling.)


“Beautifully filmed study of the space” ★★★★ The Irish Times “Lovingly photographed” ★★★★ Irish Independent  “Moving, tactful, and confident” ★★★★ RTÉ Ten “Beautifully shot” ★★★★ Scannain

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