Irish Film Institute -On Their Knees

On Their Knees

The road movie is a well-worn format, but this tale of two women crossing Canada adds to the wisdom gained from travelling and makes a smart addition to the genre. Director Ana•s Granofsky, an accomplished TV actress, plays Willie to Ingrid Veninger’s Mo, two half-sisters who have drifted apart over the years. Reunited on the death of the grandmother who brought them up after their mother died, the pair try to return the old girl’s body to her native soil back east. Cue escapades galore and inevitable confrontation with the fact that they don’t know where they’re going. Granofsky’s impressive supporting cast includes Atom Egoyan regular Maury Chaykin and Homicide’s Clark Johnson.
Critic Carol Harrison sees On Their Knees as ‘a pure Canadian independent film, in the absolute best sense. While it may not be intentional, Granofsky’s gem is Goin’ Down the Road in reverse. It is taken from the perspective of two women who are leaving their unfulfilled lives to seek out what they left behind. There is a tremendous soundtrack featuring music from the best of Canadian independent music, including songs from New Pornographers, Sara Harmer, the Backstabbers and Oh Susanna. If the state of Canadian culture is represented by this film and music, we are in good hands.’ (2001. Colour. 16mm. 85 mins.)

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