Irish Film Institute -On the Edge

On the Edge

This bittersweet coming-of-age drama has rising Irish star Cillian Murphy (Disco Pigs; The Way We Live Now) in the central role. He plays Jonathan Breech, a troubled 19 year-old who conceals his adolescent pain behind a dark sense of humour and a self-destructive streak. After he drives a stolen car over a cliff following the death of his father, Jonathan is given two choices – prison or a psychiatric hospital. He accepts the latter, but refuses to take his problems seriously and remains detached from the other members of his therapy group. Encouraged by the hospital’s psychiatrist Dr Figure (Stephen Rea), Jonathan befriends two members of his group – Toby (Jonathan Jackson), who blames himself for his brother’s accidental death, and self-destructive Rachel (Tricia Vessey).
When Jonathan falls in love with Rachel, however, Toby feels betrayed and retreats dangerously into his own world. Faced with the consequences of Toby’s actions, Jonathan finally confronts his own demons.

Irl, 2001, Drama, 87 mins , Director: John Carney

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